Category: DNA Ligases

To check whether delayed entrance into mitotic arrest is due to dysregulation from the G1-S stage checkpoint, we examined pRB1 phosphorylation (inactivation) in gonocytes of the teratoma-resistant stress, FVB/NJ (FVB), and 2 teratoma-susceptible strains, the 129-Chr19MOLF/Ei chromosome substitution stress (M19) as well as the 129/SvImJ (129) inbred stress. and male germ cell maturation and standards […]
Quantitation of results is presented as the mean SEM of three independent experiments. Disruption of mTORC2 signaling was achieved through knockdown of either mSIN1 in HaCaT cells, or recombination of in iRictKO cells, since both mSIN1 and Rictor are scaffolding proteins essential for proper mTORC2 function [51]. this sensitization is usually rescued by knockdown of […]