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After one (white bars), two (horizontal bars), or three (black bars) immunizations, sera had been polysaccharide-specific and collected IgG antibody articles was measured by ELISA. that rP40 is normally a book carrier proteins with prospect of use alternatively carrier for individual vaccination. Most regular vaccines contain killed microorganisms or purified antigenic protein produced from these […]
Fourth, it is well established that half the antibodies expressed in human early B cell compartments are polyreactive, and a high proportion of the polyreactive antibodies are counterselected during B cell differentiation (Wardemann et al., 2003). input library to compensate for the suboptimal efficiency of transformation of the yeast cells. These enrichment steps require expressing […]
In the present study we verified that treatment of 5G6 Fab during storage inhibited GPIb dropping without affecting the GPVI expression level and the activities of stored human and hTg murine platelets (Fig. and absence of 5G6 Fab fragment. At numerous time points aliquots of stored platelets were analyzed and compared. 5G6 Fab inhibited GPIb […]